It wasn’t easy landing my current job. At the interview, it came down to myself and one other guy….

The interviewer said to the both of us,
” Well, the both of you are the best qualified of all candidates. But, we need only one of you to fill the position. Tell you what, since this job requires much creativity…why don’t the both of you compose a poem that ends with Timbuktoo?”
The interviewer looked at the other bloke (a bit of a suit & tie pansie) and asked him to start. Mustering all his creativity, the pansie came up with the perfect poem that ended with ‘Timbuktoo’.

“Out across the desert sands
rode a lonely caravan.
Underneath the sky so blue,
destination… Timbuktoo.”

The interviewer was obviously impressed, but little did he know that I was about to unleash some poetic genius of my own. The interviewer turned to me, signalling me to commence.

“Camping, me and Tim a-went
Saw some ladies in a tent
They being three and we being two
I bucked one and Timbuktoo!”

YES! I got the job.