A long long time ago there lived 2 swordsmiths. One named Tink and the other named Swish. Tink and Swish were the greatest swordsmiths in town. Even though they were competitors, they didn’t mind, they both had enough work to keep them busy.

One day, more competition arrived from a large neighboring town and Tink and Swish were worried about losing business. They needed to act quickly.

Swish decided to advertise at the local pub where his warrior customers hang out. He paid 1 gold coin to advertise on the pubs notice board. His advertising paid off! For 1 gold coin of advertising, he made 2 gold coins in return! A whole gold coin profit! This was a lot of money back then. 1 gold coin could buy 3 stallions, food for a month or even a night with Giselle. She was very beautiful.

Tink took a different approach. He decided to help the warriors at the pub with their swords and new sword fighting techniques.

Before long, the new competition in town noticed the advertisements and decided to advertise their swords at the pub too. The pub was loving it! They soon ran out of advertising space so the costs went up and up and up and Swish was now only breaking even on his advertising.

Meanwhile, Tink still wasn’t spending anything on advertising, yet everyone knew him or at least knew someone who knew of him. Even warriors visiting from out of town heard about the war stories that were fought using Tinks swords.

As Tink watched Swish complain to the bar management about the obscene advertising costs, he smiled, knowing that warriors talking about him and his swords was the greatest source of long term sales he could ever have.