My buddy spotted this sweet looking optimus art at some markets in Queensland, Australia. People were paying cash just to get a photo with him. (the robot, not my buddy)

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I stole the extract below from the website

How It All Began

Please let me explain more and I’ll tell you what this is all about….We’ll start where it all began, deep inside the psyche of the mastermind behind Optimus….

Inside the head of Optimus’ creator

Let me tell you about the master artist behind Optimus. Imagine a person who was so obsessed with his craft, that he lived and breathed Optimus, his journey’s, his battles, his flaws. Day and night, for 3 whole months he immersed himself in getting to know this great leader.

He watched every transformers movie, every television episode (starting from the beginning original cartoon series) and read every comic book he could find.

He felt he could never create a true representation of Optimus unless he felt he knew him personally. And he did. He could tell you what Optimus favourite sayings were, what he’d do in certain battle situations, and how he has changed over time, and even become (dare we say it?) a little more human.

Then, over a two week period he visited every scrapyard, every car yard, every mechanic and asked every friend he could to attain the raw materials to create Optimus. He spent close to $10,000 buying the raw materials, which were pulled from lawnmowers, cars, trucks, chainsaws, motorbikes, toolsheds, factory machines and anything else he could think of..

Then, he locked himself away for 75 days and nights, with only a welding instrument and a few other basic power tools, and out emerged Optimus.

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Some of The Raw Materials Used During Optimus’ Creation

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A Strong Foundation of Welded Metal Car Parts Forms Optimus’ Frame

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