I was at the office by myself a few years ago. Got a 1 hr massage from the new girl at the massage parlor next door. It was a nice, relaxing massage. She wasn’t sure how to use the credit card machine so she said her boss would come see me later. He did. Unfortunately, someone had sent me anĀ adultĀ movie without warning me. I opened it. Hardcore. No, I wasn’t masturbating. Anyway… movie wouldn’t close down because of bloody windows freezing. He said “oh, sorry, I’ll come back. I should have knocked”. I didn’t know what to say. Very embarrassed. It got worse. I built up courage to go next door to pay for the massage. I apologised and tried to laugh it off. I went back to my office and sat down and noticed that my fly was down the whole time as well. This was my most embarrassing moment.