The fruit box wordpress theme was designed to be a simple, lightweight and easy to customise theme.

You can Download it for free.


You can use this theme for any private or commercial use.
If you keep the link in the footer then you are truely fruity. Thanks!

logo1. Eat a piece of fruit.
2. Unzip and upload the FruitBox folder to wp-content/themes/
3. Activate the theme in wordpress
4.  Add a category called “Featured” and add some funky posts to it. They will show in the center footer under “Featured Posts”. Of course, if you add a widget to this section then the widget will override this featured posts thingy.
5. Eat another piece of fruit. Maybe a strawberry or 2.

Great News!

This theme will be improved with a new feature EVERY time someone new uses it.
How? If you use this theme, notify me at . I will then improve it.
You will be adding to the fruitbox, just by using it.
How fruity!

Thanks to
To for renting out fun cars and funding the project.
To for giving me permission to give this fruity theme away.
To WordPress for making an awesome blogging / CMS platform

Tweet me. Make sure it’s fruity.

Peace out Fruity ones.