You already know that a way to create passionate customers is to under promise and over deliver. Think of a movie that you thought would be good that turned out to be fantastic. You remember it for a reason. It was better than expected and this experience is always more memorable then watching a fantastic movie that you already expected to be fantastic. As the title says, District 9 helped remind me the importance of exceeding customers expectations. So, should you intentionally simulate this experience for your customers? Yes, you should.


Here is a private message that I wrote for the VroomVroomVroom staff magazine today.

Every time you exceed a customers expectations, you make VroomVroomVroom more money. This means we can give out more staff bonuses and buy more cool stuff for the office! So how do you exceed customer expectations? Well, you’re a smart person. We wouldn’t have hired you if you weren’t. You’ll need to be able to think of ways to exceed customer expectations on the spot. Some examples might be:

  • randomly sending a car rental customer a gift in the mail without warning
  • meeting them at the airport and lending them your babyseat that you don’t use anymore
  • compensating them when the car rental companies don’t represent themselves as well as they should
  • program some code to tweet the customer with the cheapest price of the car rental search they just did
  • ask if they have anything interesting planned for the weekend. When they answer, don’t change the subject. Continue the conversation.
  • ask them what their favourite thing to do in their city is. Then ask them if you can quote them and their answer to add to our website.

You need to answer a question. How can you exceed your customers expectations?