Why create passionate customers? Why? Because passionate customers talk about you. I’ll rephrase that.


How does a company do this?

Apart from under promise and over deliver, you need to do something they totally wouldn’t expect. Don’t tell them they’ll get a “bonus”, just give it to them. The surprise is what makes the memorable experience and memorable experiences are worth sharing. Don’t tell them you’re going to give them a free cupcake. Just give them a free cupcake.

Why does this make people tell their friends? 2 main reasons. Because people feel generous when they have shared something useful or fun. People like to feel generous and fun.


  • Beauty salon, Hair salon. Offer a glass of champagne while they wait
  • Print shop. Give customer a couple wall posters of their logo with their next order. Maybe framed
  • Mexican Fast Food Restaurant. Get the kitchen to give a shout out in Spanish to every new customer. Yes, ask if they’ve been there before if they aren’t an obvious regular.
  • Bank. Give massages to people waiting in line