Under-Rated Business Tips

  • Day-dreaming every day.
  • Positive look on failing. If you aren’t failing at something, you aren’t working on hard enough problems.
  • Develop the art of exceeding expectations
  • SEO. Did you know that 80% of online marketing budget = Ads. 20% of budget = SEO/organic. While 20% of search traffic comes from ads and 80% comes from organic.
  • Speaking like a human instead of a company. (use “I” instead of “We”)
  • Developing a staff culture of innovation
  • STOP doing stuff. Spend as much time brainstorming what you shouldn’t be doing, as you do on what you should.

What are your under-rated business tips?

7 truths that travel businesses must know about Facebook

1. Facebook ads converts like crap

Buy some Facebook ads and you’ll see. Some niches do okay such as Make money at home and college student niches.

2. Facebook users don’t really care about you that much

Kelly uses Facebook to see if Robert has commented on her profile. Robert logs on to perv on bikini photos of Renae. They don’t care that much about your travel business. Facebook is built for friends, not for companies. Of course, you can also be a friend. Use this to your advantage and create one on one relationships and connections with people. Use your real names.

3. Facebook is a time sink. F*%K yeah, it is

Worldwide total number of hours spent online greatly increased in March 2011 over the same month previous year. Yeah yeah, you already know that, here me out though. Remove facebook from those statistics and the total number of hours spent online actually decreased!!!

4. Facebook Events are a treat for travel websites

Travel is usually based around an event. Flight time, cruise departure, car rental pickup or hotel check in. Use the event API and get on that like dog on bone.

5. If you use Facebook to self promote, give up now. Just. give. up.

I know it’s tempting, but it’s not worth your time. I know what you’re thinking “Boy, this Richard Eastes fellow is negative”. Sure, self promotion is fine on Facebook in very small doses. There’s a time and place for heavy self promotion and Facebook isn’t one of them. Yes, it can do more harm than good.

6. People don’t use Facebook for search

0 people use Facebook for searching for stuff. That means Even less will use Facebook to look for you. This brings me to number 7.

7. Be worthy. This applies with and without Facebook

If people aren’t talking about you, someone in your company needs to invent something worth talking about.

Creating passionate customers

Why create passionate customers? Why? Because passionate customers talk about you. I’ll rephrase that.


How does a company do this?

Apart from under promise and over deliver, you need to do something they totally wouldn’t expect. Don’t tell them they’ll get a “bonus”, just give it to them. The surprise is what makes the memorable experience and memorable experiences are worth sharing. Don’t tell them you’re going to give them a free cupcake. Just give them a free cupcake.

Why does this make people tell their friends? 2 main reasons. Because people feel generous when they have shared something useful or fun. People like to feel generous and fun.


  • Beauty salon, Hair salon. Offer a glass of champagne while they wait
  • Print shop. Give customer a couple wall posters of their logo with their next order. Maybe framed
  • Mexican Fast Food Restaurant. Get the kitchen to give a shout out in Spanish to every new customer. Yes, ask if they’ve been there before if they aren’t an obvious regular.
  • Bank. Give massages to people waiting in line

The crazy $555 marketing budget

  • Some stuff is Free. Love what you’re doing. Yeh yeh, everyone says that. But If you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re at a disadvantage in more ways than one. Because there will be a competitor out there who does love what they’re doing and they’ll want to do more hours and they’ll be better at it than you are because they’ll be dreaming about it. If you love what you’re doing, it’s free.
  • 1 meeting. Word of mouth rocks! Viral is ambitious, like winning lottery. The problem is that most products, businesses or organisations aren’t worth talking about. This means… if you’ve been asked to sell or promote something that isn’t worth talking about, then you’re in trouble and it’s your responsibility to let your boss or your bosses boss or the CEO know about a solution. WHY do people talk about something? WHY WHY WHY. All is not lost though. You can always surprise people in other ways.
  • 10 cents. Exceed expectations. People are surprised when their expectations are exceeded. So don’t over promise. Always hold something back. If you’re going to give someone a free cup-cake, don’t tell them you’re going to give them a free cup cake. Aria’s surprised me 3 times with this. Affordable driving school sent a free 5c lolly pop in the mail. Cafe Rio in USA, 80 awards including fastest growin private company. Why? Good food? Yes. They also give a reason to share. If you’re a new customer, they do a mexican cheer. Every employee. It’s fun and it works and made me want to tell my friends and bring them along next time. When a customer of mine had a bad experience at a car rental company, I compensate the customer, even thought it wasn’t my fault. This worth talking about for some people and they always come back. We also randomly send travel mugs to customers in the mail. I don’t tell them I’m doing this for them. Thailand Government gave out condoms everywhere in unusual places, created a story for people to tell their friends.
  • 30 mins/day. Twitter is like a cocktail party. It’s only free if you love what you’re doing. You speak with people you know and you speak to people you don’t know. You contribute in conversations and you eavesdrop on other peoples conversations. Sometimes you join in. You DON’T rock on up to a cocktail party and announce “Buy my ebook, it’s awesome!!!!”
  • $150 Tweetattacks. You are going to feel like you’re holding the switch to a nuclear bomb. With great power comes great responsibility. Don’t blow yourself up.
  • $10 – $1000/day. When Google adwords matured and everyone started doing it, bid priced increased until it became more difficult to get an ROI. Now, small budgets get an ROI. Big budgets, do not. This means, great things if you’re a little guy.
  • 1 hour/day. We couldn’t afford traditional advertising so focused on SEO instead. Biggest SEO secret is that it is no secret. Imagine what you would do if you were google to rank websites. That is what they are doing. Link building with phoning up other companies and building relationships. Got to networking events. Shorter the email, the better the response.
  • 1 hour. Google places. Not being on here is like not having a website 5 years ago. Ask for reviews in email footer.
  • $4.95. Instant, gorilla market research for cost of a magazine. Rip out pages of a magazine of 5 different people. Print out 5 different things ie(5 diff logos). Get random people at a bowling alley or at a bar to match the mag people to the logo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_7e4TvRTpU&feature=related
  • $20,000,000. RoamFree spent $20m on advertising their travel website. Now they’re in trouble. The ads weren’t bad and they were in the right places. What went wrong?
  • 30mins. Don’t be scared to adapt.

3 reasons why a Culture of Innovation wins

Ideas For New Technology

Each week, every IT employee contributes an idea to improve our core technology. Out of habit, the sub-conscious brain will be thinking about these ideas if it is asked. Every brain has a good idea waiting to be found. It just needs to be asked.

Improved Customer Service

The word of mouth advertising that can be received from exceptional customer is priceless. Without customer service employees being responsible for leading the innovation of customer service, we’d have pretty average customer service.

Employees that Own

Money is a need, not a want. Therefore, a salary beyond a need, is not a good motivator. Humans need more than money. Sure, VroomVroomVroom pays decent salaries, but this is more because the company is doing well. After watching this video on What Motivates you, you may agree that a culture of innovation is a far greater motivator.

Scam Baiters

I was in a student documentary that has been nominated for awards, none of which were for acting of course. It’s about the Nigerian scam artists who trick people in to giving them money and how Australians are fighting back. And winning!

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