Before the Bruno movie, he started life featuring regularly on the Ali G show alongside Borat. If you haven’t yet seen much of Bruno before, then prepare yourself as I introduce Bruno’s finest rainbow-pooing moments.

1. Alabama – Gayest place in America

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Bruno proves he’s the real deal by announcing that being gay is the new coolest thing. Highlights include “there’s 85,000 fans that want to smash you”, an intimate interview with football star Shaud Williams and pissing off a hardcore homophobe. It’s interesting to note that Sacha Bara Cohen is actually Jewish and has some how filmed dozens of anti-Semitic remarks during his interviews. This was one of them.

2. Tickets to the gun show

Sacha Baron Cohen has balls, that’s for sure

3. Contradicting interview

Listen carefully as every remark is followed up with contradicting remark, both of which the designer enthusiastically agrees with, making a fool of himself. Fool.

4. Bruno Visits a Christian Rock Festival

Bruno pushes the buttons of Christian rock stars and Eminem h8ters.
Best line:  “Have you heard of the band Dirty Va*ina”

5. In or Out. Fashion Polizei

Demonstrates how badly television interviewees can be influenced.

6. Bruno Meets Skinheads

Best Line: “Would you ever do a spunkter on stage?”

7. Interview with a Gay Converter

This has to be one of the funniest skits ever. Funny and shocking to see there are people like this in the world still.

8. College wrestlers on Austrian Gay TV

You’ve probably already seen this video. How did those blokes not realise that something wasn’t quite right. Hilarious stuff.
Best Line: “Yaaa, this is a gay show

9. Bruno learns to bounce

After catching out a nightclub owner who discriminates against cripples, the funniest scene starts at 2:55 when Bruno becomes a nightclub bouncer.
Best Line: “This is a nightclub, not a f*&king shopping mall. Go change your shirt and come back.”

10. Bruno freaks out Psychic

This psychic is either fake, an idiot or both. I say both. Jerk.

BONUS 1. Best of Borat TV show

There’s so many hilarious Borat scenes from the series that were funnier and more controversial than the Borat movie. This is one of them.
Best Line: “Hmmm. Um. Well, I guess they would have to go to hell

BONUS 2. Ali G interviews Victoria and David Beckham

I bet you cannot watch this interview without laughing. Go on, I betchya. Message me if you can.

BONUS 3. Borat learns about politics.

This must be my favourite controversial Borat scene. The Republican Senator in this film actually got in hot water about this and was forced to make a formal apology for the what he said in the interview.

I’m an Ali G fan, Borat fan and Bruno fan who likes women and 100% supports gay rights, same sex marriages and all that jazz.

If you enjoyed these videos, be sure to check out the Bruno movie to be released July 10 2009.