Since bird poo is so unappreciated, this game is dedicated to it. 100’s of years ago, birds were very important in connecting parts of the world with flora. Birds did this by eating fruits and berries and then flying far away and then pooing, propagating the seeds.

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How to play Bird Simulator

In this game, you press spacebar to flap your wings. Fly near berries to eat them. Then fly over islands to poo. Then new trees will grow with new berries!

Entire game size is only 1.2MB so should download fast. 

You’ll need a fast PC since everything is procedurally generated and I haven’t optimised yet. 

Why I made Bird Simulator

This game was created hardcore version of a computer game making competition named Ludum Dare. It’s the ultimate test of geekiness. Solo contestants are given 48 hours to compose music, record sound effects, design the game play, create the graphics, code the programming and put it all together. To make it even harder, contestants are given a particular theme that the game has to be about, when it starts. I had 24 hours. Bird Simulator is my entry. Here’s the results of Bird Simulator in the competition

Software used

Music: GarageBand 
Code: Unity 
Models: Blender 
SFX: Sound Booth