Click for a fulll body shot.UPDATE: 10 years on, and this was still one of my most memorable holidays. There’s something about travelling alone that makes it a little more exciting. Like not knowing what is around the next corner. Okay, back to the original story. I’d never flown overseas before so as expected, the flight to Hawaii did not go 100% smoothly. After the teary goodbyes at Brisbane airport and touching down in Sydney shortly after, I had 1.5 hours to run around Sydney airport trying to find where the hell Air Canada takes off from. I eventually found it and after been given a good frisking, took my boarding pass and headed for the correct plane gate. Shown in the photo to the left I met her…. The lady who looks like a man. By clicking the image, you can see that she is built like a brick shit house. I presented her my boarding pass where she pointed to a wall and orded me to “take a seat”. Realising that there was no chair to sit down, I queried her demand and once again, I was directed to take a seat on the wall. I thought “okay, she obviously means the seat is on the other side of the wall and I’ll be called when ready. I’ll just walk behind the wall, and see what is there” Walking away, she orded me back and once again demanded me to “TAKE A SEAT!”, pointing again at the wall”. I had enough of that nonsense, so I responded frustratedly with, “BUT THERE ISN’T ANY SEAT THERE!!!” She ignored my remark, so the only conclusion I could come to at the time was that she meant to just wait by the wall.

30 mins went by and a few dozen people had already been let through the gate, to the plane. Meanwhile, a small desk, about 90 degrees from the direction where the lady was pointing, started calling out peoples names who were then let on the plane. Thats when I realised that this he-she was trying to direct me to a desk that hands out seat numbers on the plane. I eventually worked out what to do and while waiting for my seat number, I stewed by the wall and took spy photos of her deciding that she deserves a mention in my adventure stories.

After all that, I got a seat in the center isle, no where near the requested window seat. I didn’t mind because the passengers sitting next to me were two chicks from Townsville who chatted to me for a while.They were lovely. Mary who was turning 76 and her elderly friend are going on a boat cruise near the Rocky mountains in Canada. Good luck ladies!

I eventually made it Hawaii and am having a great time in the beautiful weather. I’m now staying in a hostel with 7 other people for $20US per night. Unlike hiring a car in Bristol where it’s quite easy to sign all the paper work and be on your way, I spent 15 minutes and then gave up. 15 minutes I was waiting around for someone at the rental kiosk to serve me. It’s not like they were busy as there no other customers around. I took a tax instead. It didn’t matter in the end as it wasn’t a nice drive like Bristol. Ahhhh the scenic green drives in the Bristol countryside.

Lots of things are different here:

  • The beer is only $4.95US for a 6pack of heavies.(around $8 Australian) UPDATE: 10 years on and this price divide is even more now. CRAZY! An the value of our currencies are reversed a little.
  • The beach has beautiful white sand but as soon as you step into the water, it’s jagged rock. Seemed a bit fake to me.
  • 90% of all cars are huge 4X4 monster trucks, A-Team Mr.T vans and funny looking limos
  • Alchohol can be bought from a quick-e-mart type shop called “ABC Shop” of which there are 4 on every block.
  • TV is 50% “buy now or you’ll suffer” type advertisments. Like this space mask looking thing. (Click Link)
  • It gets dark at 7:30pm
  • No one wears motorbike helmets. Must be legal. Idiots. Also, everyone rides around in the back of pickup trucks. No seat belts.
People Conversed with 12
Hours Spent Lost 5
Money Wasted, Lost $240AUS
Beers drunk 5
Nights slept 2
Fights 0
Photos taken 15

Even though it is a very different place, everyone is friendly and willing to help.

I got lost on the bus system yesterday. I have no idea where I was but eventually found my way back to the beach. That was a bit scary. The bus map is crap!

I still have bruises up my arms for trying to carry my luggage a few hundred meters too many. I refused to pay for a cab.

It’s funny flying above the clouds, it looks like you’re upside down.

Take care, and keep the emails coming.

Richard Eastes
World adventurer.