Mini Bio

Richard Eastes was still living with his parents when he took a risk and spent his life savings on adopting an internet start-up, VroomVroomVroom. He grew it using online marketing and acts of surprise to exceed customer expectations. It grew to a $20m business.

Richard is available for

  • Teaching your staff to get websites to the top of Google
  • Choosing an SEO company that gets results.
  • Making your website content look gorgeous http://Grab.Graphics
  • Wowing your audience with talks on unusual topics (see below)

Speaking Topics

Richard speaks on entrepreneurship, travel industry and internet marketing  including:

  • 12 online marketing experiments.
  • How I beat the burden of procrastination.
  • The most underrated business tip in the world is? Surprise!
  • Predictions for the future of the travel industry.
  • 6 things entrepreneurs must do.
  • In-house online marketing VS agencies.

Important VS Hard

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. JFK said that, didn’t he? In life, hard things are usually better than easy things. Work harder? Make more money. Run harder? Get fitter....

Bird Simulator Game

Since bird poo is so unappreciated, this game is dedicated to it. 100’s of years ago, birds were very important in connecting parts of the world with flora. Birds did this by eating fruits and berries and then flying far away and then pooing, propagating the...

Buy Profitable Websites

When done properly, buying websites can have a higher return than real estate investments and trading shares. Tips for buying profitable websites See for yourself exactly where the current source business is coming from. If it’s Google, look for proof in Google...

No Failures. Only Experiments.

2001-2002 E&I Computers – FAILED Idea: Sell cheap computers I learned that it’s fun to partner with a friend to start a business, but rarely are the dedications and dreams equal and consistent enough to work. I also learned that I set my prices too low...

Ludum Dare Game Jam in Brisbane

Frank the Fish Rate this game here. I’m aiming for top 2000 for humor and top 500 for graphics. I’m currently looking for someone to design some 3d characters with similar art style to these...

How to beat procrastination

Set yourself the following rules. Procrastinate as often as you like. Yep! Once you decide to start procrastinating, set a 5 minute timer to go off. After the timer goes off, you can decide to get back to work or reset the timer and procrastinate for another 5...